Purchasing one of our AKC Registered puppies!!

   Puppy Deposits  ~ $1500. 00

Deposits are non-Refundable unless the puppy is not salable or we cannot produce a puppy for the customer. 

  Puppy price ~ Our standard puppy price is $3000.00 We take the $1500 as deposit and the remaining $1500.00 is due when the puppy is 8 weeks old. The only exceptions to this price is if puppies are from a frozen breeding or Imported during whelp. These litters are $3500.00. The deposit  on these litters is $1500.00 and remaining balance of $2000.00 due at 8 weeks old.  We only take Venmo or cash. We no longer take checks.

  Remaining balance ~ The remaining balance of the puppy is due at the puppy's 8 week pick up date. The puppy has to be paid in full to be released to the customer.  If the customer defaults at the 8 week pick up date on the remaining balance they forfeit their deposit and the puppy is placed back up for sale.


  Puppy Guarantee ~ Our puppies are covered for one year for  Hips/Elbows/Heart with full puppy replacement. Spaying or neutering your puppy before a minimum of 15-18 months of age will void any health guarantee we offer. It is our belief that neutering and spaying  before puberty can have a direct impact on many orthopedic related problems. We do not force you to surrender your dog unless you choose too. If for some reason your puppy has a genetic Health issue we require a vet statement and x rays if needed for us to refund a puppy of equal value. 

  Surrendering ~ We know that sometimes things happen in peoples lives. We always hope our puppies go into life homes. But in a case where you have to surrender your dog we are to be first to be notified as we prefer to re-home our own dogs. They are our babies before they are yours. We want to know that they are placed into the right homes. Also we prefer to keep track of them.